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Services Offered

Credit/Debit Card, Venmo, Zelle, and Cash Accepted. Thank you.

Licensed Neuromuscular Massage Therapist

I am a medically and energetically trained Neuromuscular Massage Therapist, Reiki practitioner, Cranio Sacral practitioner, and remembering Shaman who specializes in carpal tunnel syndrome, migraine headaches, back and hip issues, and much more.

Remove stress and strain from your body while learning easy self-care techniques.

$60 for 50 minutes.

Remote Healing, Reading, and Past Life Regression

I use Reiki and Shamanic journeying in person, over telephone, or Zoom. I am  “wired” for healing, Heart, and inner work to help you clear out your old stuff so you can leap forward in love, understanding, and empowerment.

“No thing was ever built without inspiration from the Heart,” Ascended Masters.

$100 per session (1.0 hour).


Channeling and Healing

I am available for private gatherings to communicate messages and healings from the Ascended Masters and Angel Guides.

Please contact me for pricing. Thank You.

What's News ?

What a great weekend in Columbia, SC August 6 & 7 with Spiritual Fusions and all the beautiful people we were able to work with! People are picking up their own tools to clear their energies with Light and cut their own cords to create the lives they want from the inside out.

We are Powerful in Light ! We are One Together in Light and Love !

Please contact me if you would like a session via Zoom or in person for a group class or personalized healing. Thank you.


Topics include:

Working the Light and Cutting Cords to manage the life you have and create the life you want.

“Why should I forgive, anyway?” The mechanics of getting unstuck, healing from pain, and bringin on the Joy !

Modern Toolbox: How to connect with your Guides and use your own divination tools, cards, pendulums. How to read the signs from the Angels already around you.

Karma No More! Nope. Doesn’t exist. Book a personal session, a class, or come to a fair to hear Them speak about it.

Please contact me today for a free consultation. Thank You.

A Shorter Reading with Reiki Healing

Don’t have a lot of time? Contact me for a 3 Card reading that will briefly describe your primary challenge, how that is affecting your current situation with advice on a good shift, and a possible outcome of taking action. A Reiki Healing is given through distance healing modality.

$40 for a 20 minute session.

Get to Know Kristine

I have been speaking with Angels and Guides since I was a little kid. I just didn’t realize it. Thank God for my loving parents, for I was wired !

Now, I share my abilities and learnings from The Masters and Angels to help you connect with your own Team of Angel Guides to heal yourself through Shamanic Journeying and Reiki hands-on or remote healing. We will empower you with self-help tools to keep your Energy Healing growing after the session is over. 

Drop the past, move through current resistance, understand why you want to, and become more aware of all the signs and active communication happening around you, waiting for you to join in.

Please see my Testimonials and email me though my “Contact Me” links. Thank you. 

Where’d this pain come from anyway?

Pain is often seen as something negative to be medicated, adjusted, or massaged out. However, pain, as taught by the Masters, can be a positive wake-up call that something inside of us is ready to be understood and healed. Pain can be a signal, the “friction point”, between what was and what could be.

For 30+ years, I have learned how to heal my debilitating pains with healings and teachings from The Masters and from people who learned how to heal their pain through alternative medicine, diet, body movement, and meditation. I was fortunate to know sacred people in this life who helped me strengthen my communication skills with the Ascended Masters and Angel Guides. Through their teachings and stories, I was able to better understand events and to release and reclaim my power. In doing so, pain went away from me bit by bit. Story by story. Session by session.

Forgiveness is a major force behind my work. I teach what the Masters taught me: why it behooves us to let that stuff go, and how to do it mechanically and electrically. The Masters are very scientific, as am I. I appreciate them so much!

Spirit says, “It behooves you to empty your pockets of rocks so you can carry the rainbows.”

Spirit is also doing Their best to put a monkey wrench in the idea of karma. It doesn’t exist. They teach of how we bought in and how we get out.

I am a storyteller and Shaman healer who works with Spirit to facilitate the clearing of issues by bringing Light to energy fields, minds, and most importantly, Hearts – from where all things come. When we increase our vibration by letting go of old stuff and filling ourselves with Light, which is new information, new understandings, pain has tendencies to diminish. 

Empower, Enliven, and Shine ! is the slogan given to me from the Angels because that is what They, together, with all Light Workers, do.

Are you ready to feel good, to Love more, and to remember more of who you are? We would Love to speak with you.                                                                                                            …Shalom…

Upcoming Events

Please check back often to find Kristine at the following events and to book early (if available)

AUGUST 6-7, 2022

THANK YOU to Spiritual Fusions in Columbia, SC and to all of the beautiful people we were able to serve this weekend! Stay tuned for future Spiritual Fusions events.

AUGUST 20-21, 2022

We had a wonderful time at the Body Mind Spirit Celebration in Raleigh!

Please stay tuned for the BMS Celebration event 


I need to tell you your work on me is still going, (4 days after event) I can walk taller …and my mind is so much clearer even though I bumped in a bit of stress at home afterwards. Thank you. I can’t describe enough as it’s worth.

A. G. Lexington, SC

“Kristine did some amazing work in me pulling out some effects of some interactions with a toxic person.  Additionally, I felt a powerful channel of energy rushing through my chakras when she was doing her work which is something I have only encountered a couple of times in my life.  She is truly a gift to humanity, so thankful to have had a session with her!” Jeremy P., Durham, NC.

I have known Kris for well over thirty years.  We met when she came to a program at a spiritual center I managed in Tampa, FL.  She was a teenager then and said she was searching for some answers.  I have enjoyed our deep friendship and feel we have a soul connection of family.  I have benefitted greatly from her insightful and helpful  guidance on more than one occasion during the ensuing years.

Kris has psychic gifts and talents that allow her to see beyond what seems to be ‘real’ in a person’s life and circumstances.  Most recently for me, with input from her guides and mine, she advised me on the use of essential oils to eradicate several spots that had developed on the underside of my tongue.  After consulting with an oral surgeon, several sections were excised and sent for biopsy.  That came  back inconclusive but the doctor insisted I go for an additional consultation with an ENT specialist in another city.  Which I did.  Both of them suggested that the condition was in ‘precursor stage’ and would probably lead to that diagnosis which no one wants to hear.  I refused further removal of tissue and followed Kris’s guidance for the use of a combination of three oils several times a day on the sites.

After a month I went back for a follow-up consult with the ENT doctor.  She was quite surprised at her examination and said, ‘I see nothing of concern here now.

What have you been doing?’  So I told her about using the oil drops 2-3 times a day.

She made no comment about that and just said, ‘Just keep doing whatever it is you’re doing and I want to see you back in 6 months.’  What a relief ! I continue to use the oil drops several times a week just to ensure that the area stays free of any troublesome cells that might develop there.

I highly recommend Kris for her exceptional gifts and abilities that would improve the health and spiritual life of anyone who wishes to have the benefit of her guidance and input.  Kris is ‘the real deal’ !  – Dana C., Canon City, CO

I met Kris at a fair and had a short session with her.  She has a passion for her work and the wisdom and knowledge that she brought forth helped to clear an experience that affected my physical body which created a deep release to heal this issue. I had a profound experience in just a short session! – Darcy D., Mooresville, NC

I have known Kris Barnes since her teen years. She is one of the most interesting and capable people I know. Whatever job she is working on she will do it with the utmost skill and knowledge. Couple this with her deep spiritual connection and her unique perspective on just about everything, and you have a person that you definitely want to associate with. I have seen her powers of discernment and healing over and over again. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Susan B., AIT Practitioner, Greer, SC

Kris is one of the kindest, most visionary, REAL women I have ever worked with. Her ability to channel is something different than I have ever experienced, nor could hope to explain. You should go visit her; guarantee you won’t be disappointed! – Jennie U., Phoenix, AZ

I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the reading on Friday!!  It was SO interesting and informative, and I have been reading about Gaia – AMAZING stuff.  You are truly blessed with a gift!

– Stefanie H., Garner, NC

Thank you for sharing your beautiful energy with us. We had such a loving, validating, amazing experience! You have no idea how much healing you brought to me and L.

-Lisa H., Charlotte, NC.


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